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Shiny Application



Short Summary

The main functionality of the BiclustGUI was also recreated in the form of a Shiny Application. The app contains the same methods and a selection of diagnostic tools available in the BiclustGUI package. It also provides a default summary of the biclustering solutions in both numerical and graphical displays. The latter can also be downloaded through the appropriate buttons.
The shiny R package, developed by RStudio, allows the creation of web-based applications from R-code. Shiny Apps are very accessible since they do not require any installation on the user side. The Shiny Apps are often highly interactive due to the use of reactive functions, allowing the App to immediately adapt to any input of the user.
Note that compared to the BiclustGUI in R Commander, the user will not be shown the generated R on the fly. 
Shiny Application - Plaid Biclustering 


Version hosted on ShinyCloud

An online version of the application can be found at

Stand-alone version

Alternatively, for larger computations a stand-alone version can be downloaded here


Extract the zip-file and double click the LAUNCH.vbs file. A new window will open containing the BiclustGUI shiny application.

  • Last modified 25-01-2017