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The research of I-BioStat has lead to several books and publications in highly qualified international journals.

Using the document repository of both the universities you can search through the many publications by author, year or title:


PhD dissertations


Mirza Nazmul Hasan Modelling hierarchically clustered survival data through nested Archimedean copulas


Paul Meyvisch Surrogate marker evaluation in clinical trials using methods of causal inference

Eleanderson Campos Eugenio Filho Factor copula mdoels for right-censored clustered survival data

Tapiwa Ganyani Statistical perspectives on the analysis of disease outbreak data using mechanistic and phenomenological models

Thao Mai Phuong Tran Mathematical and statistical models for estimating infectious disease parameters based on serological and social contact data

Kevin Watjou Hierarchical models for the analysis of spatial health surveys with missing information at individual and areal level

Zoë Pieters Statistical methods for disease burden and cost-effectiveness studies, and diagnostic testing

Alvaro Florez Poveda Computationally efficient estimators for large clustered data and related topics


Witold Wiecek Innovative methodology for Bayesian hierarchical modelling, with application in biology and toxicology

Md. Rezaul Karim Study of a family of asymmetric densities and flexible quantile regression

Fabiola La Gamba Bayesian nonlinear hierarchical models: Applications in preclinical pharmacometrics

Lisa Hermans Inference with unequal cluster sizes


Marijke Van Moerbeke Bioinformatic tools for a better understanding of biological processes and signalling pathways

Ewoud De Troyer Identifying and visualising data structures in big and high dimensional data using biclustering

Trishanta Padayachee Statistical methods for transcriptomic and metabolomic data analysis

Rudradev Sengupta Surrogacy and biomarker detection in high dimensional data

Mohammed A. Ibrahim Quantile regression in heteroscedastic varying coefficient models: testing and variable selection
Kim Hendrickx Nonparametric statistics with shape constraints and censored data
Trias Wahyuni Rakhmawati Local and global influence for the generalized linear mixed model and its extensions

Levi(catus) Mugenyi Estimating infectious disease parameters for the transmission of malaria in Ugandan children


Yimer Wasihun Kifle Statistical and mathematical methods to improve models of infectious disease transmission in and between human and animal populations
Tarylee Reddy Prediction of time to threshold from a repeatedly measured biomarker

Victoria Nyawira Nyaga Optimisation of statistical procedures to assess the diagnostic accuracy of cervical cancer screening tests

Osvaldo Loquiha Flexible statistical models with applications in reproductive health
Kim Van Kerckhove

The interplay between illness, time use, mobility and social contact behaviour and its relevance for infectious disease transmission


Adriaan Blommaert Health econometric studies into the determinants of antibiotic consumption and the cost-effectiveness of adult influenza and pneumococcal vaccination strategies
Robin Bruyndonckx

Statistical modelling strategies for monitoring antibiotic use
and resistance

Leen Prenen Modelling clustered survival data through Archimedean copulas

Ruth Nysen Parametric and semi-parametric model strategies with applications in chemical and microbial risk assessment

Stijn Jaspers Semi-parametric mixture models for censored data, with applications in the field of antimicrobial resistance
Leacky Muchene Statistical modelling in non-clinical pharmaceutical research

Theophile Bigirumurame Development of biomarkers in non-clinical and clinical studies
Eva Santermans Statistical and Mathematical Perspectives on Present-day Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Wim Van der Elst Statistical Evaluation Methodology for Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Studies

Guillaume Béraud Modeling infectious agent transmission using social mixing data


Nolen Joy Perualila Integrative Methods for the Analysis of Structure-Transcription-Assay Relationships in Drug Discovery and Early Development
Yannick Vandendijck Semi-Parametric Methods for Applications in Survey Data and Geostatistical Data
Leandro Garcia Barrado On the estimation and validation of biomarker-index' accuracy
Steven Abrams Statistical models for estimating heterogeneity in acquisition of infectious diseases and outbreak risk in highly vaccinated populations
Martin Otava Modelling High Dimensional Dose-Response Data
Thomas Neyens Modeling Complex Data with Spatial Correlation, Zero-inflation and Overdispersion: the Combined Modeling Approach
Lander Willem Agent-based models for Infectious Disease Transmission: Estimation, exploration and computational efficiency
Candida Geerdens Flexible modeling of clustered event times through frailties and copulas
Benson Ogunjimi The quantitative analysis of varicella-zoster virus infection: from epidemiology to immunology
Yves Grouwels Semi-parametric regression models for zero-inflated left-censored time to event data
Joris Menten Latent Variable Models in Diagnostic Medicine with Applications to Visceral Leishmaniasis Research
Amparo Yovanna Castro Sanchez Mathematical and Statistical Models Applied to HIV and Hepatitis C Co-infection and to Nosocomial Infections
Fatemeh Zamanzad Ghavidel Statistical methods for the analysis of high-throughput proteomic and genomic data
Liesbeth Bruckers Challenges in Cluster Analyses for Longitudinal Data
Koen Van Der Borght Prediction of Drug Response from Genetic Sequence Data Using Regression Techniques

Amin Azmon On the Estimation of Key Infectious Disease Parameters Based on Epidemic Data
Chellafe Ensoy Forecasting and prediction models for demography and animal infectious diseases
Izabela Regina Cardoso de Oliveira Modeling strategies for complex hierarchical and overdispersed data in the life sciences
George Kalema Flexible Regression Models for the Analysis of Hierarchical Data from Medical Studies
Wondwosen Kassahun Yimer Modeling Hierarchical Data, Allowing for Overdispersion and Zero-inflation, in Particular Excess Zeros


David Dejardin Statistical Models for the Analysis of Oncology Endpoints
Tatsiana Khamiakova Statistical Methods for Analysis of High Throughput Experiments in Early Drug Development
Forcheh Chiara Anyiawung Mixed models and mixture models for analyzing microarray data
Mehreteab Fantahun Aregay Flexible statistical modeling approaches for hierarchical and overdispersed data
Samuel Iddi Flexible hierarchical and marginalized models for non-Gaussian data: application to life science studies
Achmad Efendi Estimation methodology and model verification for hierarchical and overdispersed time-to-event outcomes
Aklilu Habteab Ghebretinsae Flexible modeling tools for hierarchical and incomplete data, with applications in comet assays and clinical trials
Elasma Milanzi Flexible Modeling For Hierarchical Data, Data With Random Sample Sizes and Selection Bias, with Applications in Pharmaceutical Research
Edmund Njeru Njagi Joint Models for Survival and Longitudinal Data, Missing Data, and Sensitivity Analysis, with Applications in Medical Research
Jürgen Claesen Statistical models for highthroughput proteomic and genomic data
Robin Van Oirbeek Measuring the Predictive Ability of Multilevel Regression Models: Application to the Binary and Survival Framework


Emanuele Del Fava Statistical methods for modeling of drug-related and close-contact infections
Timothy Mutsvari Misclassification in Multilevel Models with Application to Dental Caries Research
Birhanu Teshome Ayele Pseudo-likelihood and Estimating Equation Methodology for Incomplete Data
Girma Minalu Ayele Statistical Modelling Strategies for Public Health Research: Applications in the Surveillance of Antimicrobial Consumption, the Diagnosis of Acute Infections and the Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease


Setia Pramana Statistical Methods for Microarray Experiments: Analysis Dose-response Studies and Software Development in R
Nele Goeyvaerts Statistical and Mathematical Models to Estimate the Transmission of Airborne Infections from Current Status Data
An Creemers Models for Incomplete and Clustered Data with Applications in Clinical Trials and Health Economic Studies
Pushpike Jayantha Thilakarathne Statistical Methods for Analyzing DNA and PamChip Microarray Data
Luwis Diya Multilevel Models in Health Care Research: application to Nurse Staffing Research


Adetayo Kasim Statistical Methods for Affymetrix Microarray Experiments in Early Drug Development Studies: Gene Signatures, Dose-response study, and Probe Level Analysis
Philippe Haldermans Analysis of gene expression data - Normalization of cDNA microarrays and large-scale response prediction
Auguste Gaddah The Koziol-Green and Generalized Koziol-Green Model with Covariates under Dependent Censoring
Qi (Aileen) Zhu Statistical Modeling for the Analysis of High-resolution Mass Spectrometry Data


Kaat Bollaerts Statistical Models in Epidemiology and Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Applied to Salmonella in Pork
Tom Jacobs Non-linear mixed-effects modeling for complex biopharmaceutical data
Abel Tilahun Marker Methodology With Focus on Hirerachical Outcomes
Cristina Sotto Topics in Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis for Incomplete Longitudinal Data
Tetyana Kadankova Two-sided exit problems for several classes of stochastic processes
Pryseley Assam Nkouibert Marker Methodology with focus on Event-Time Endpoints  


Dan Lin Classification, Dose-response Modelling, and the Evaluation of Biomarker in a Microarray Setting
Goele Massonnet Contributions to frailty and copula modelling with applications to clinical trails and dairy cows data
Kristien Wouters Classification Methods for Multi-Class Multivariate Longitudinal Data
Suzy Van Sanden Statistical Methods for Microarray-based Analysis of Gene-expression, Classification, and Biomarker Validation
Dirk Valkenborg Statistical Methods for the Analysis of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data
Harriet Namata Flexible Statistical Models for Microbial Risk Assessment and Infectious Diseases
John Maringwa Flexible Modelling Techniques and Use of Historical Controls in Animal Studies
Annouschka Laenen Psychometric validation of continuous rating scales from complex data
Alejandro Jara Vallejos Bayesian semiparametric methods for the analysis of complex data
Spyridoula Tsonaka Models for handling coarsening and non-monotone missingness in clinical trials
Dimitrios Rizopoulos Joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data


Caroline Beunckens Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis for Incomplete Longitudinal Data
Jan Serroyen Flexible modeling tools for continuous Longitudinal Data  
Saskia Litière The impact of a misspecified random-effects distribution on estimation in generalized linear mixed models
Kris Bogaerts Statistical modelling of tooth emergence based on multivariate interval-censored data


Arnošt Komárek Accelerated failure time models for multivariate interval-censored data with flexible distributional assumptions
Samuel Musili Mwalili Bayesian and frequentist approaches to correct for misclassification error with applications to caries research
Steffen Fieuws Mixed models for multivariate longitudinal data


Niel Hens Non- and Semi-parametric Techniques for Handling Missing Data
Ivy Jansen Flexible Model Strategies and Sensitivity Analysis Tools for Non-Monotone Incomplete Categorical Data
Catherine Legrand Assessing heterogeneity in multicenter clinical trials using the frailty model  
Kristel Van Steen Genomic screening methodology for common diseases and complex traits  
Wendimagegn Ghidey Relaxing the normality assumption of the random effects distribution in the linear mixed model  


Fabian Tibaldi Modeling of correlated data and multivariate survival data
Roel Braekers Regression problems with partially informative or dependent censoring
José Cortiñas Estimation procedures for mixed-effects models with application to normally-distributed and survival data
Ariel Alonso Investigating validity of psychiatric symptom scales and surrogate markers
Christel Faes Flexible Modelling of Correlated Multivariate Data with Applications in Animal Studies
Ellen Andries Statistical modelling strategies for reliability data on physical components with possibly multiple causes of failure  
Roos Leroy Permanent tooth emergence and oral health in Flemish children. An epidemiological approach  


Ziv Shkedy Flexible statistical modelling: Application to Infectious Diseases and Astronomical Data
Rosemary Nguti Random effects survival models applied to animal breeding data
Francis Banuro Relative risks for disease mapping : a new approach using a spatial mixture model  


Herbert Thijs Sensitivity Analysis for Incomplete Data
Didier Renard Topics in modeling multilevel and longitudinal data


Tomasz Burzykowski Validation of Surrogate Endpoints From Multiple Randomized Clinical Trials With a Failure-Time True Endpoint

Patrick Lindsey Nonlinear Models for Multivariate Repeated Ordinal Data  
Bart Spiessens Group sequential methods for some generalised linear mixed models  


Desmond Curran Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Quality of Life Data
Rami Bustami Smoothing procedures and diagnostics for the bivariate dale model  


Gerda Claeskens Smoothing Techniques and Bootstrap Methods for Multiparameter Likelihood Models
Lieven Declerck Likelihood Based Analysis of Clustered Binary Data With Applications in Developmental Toxicity Studies
Helena Geys Pseudo-likelihood Methods and Generalized Estimating Equations: Efficient Estimation Techniques for the Analysis of Correlated Multivariate Data
Bart Michiels Statistical Models for Incomplete Longitudinal Data  


Ingrid Van Keilegom Nonparametric Estimation of the Conditional Distribution in Regression With Censored Data


Ilse Augustyns Local polynomial smoothing of sparse multinomial data  


Kristel Luijtens Linear and nonlinear data-analytical procedures for the analysis of ecological three-way tables  


Philippe Lambert Modellering van niet-normale longitudinale data in continue tijd, gebaseerd op de likelihoodfunctie  
Geert Verbeke The linear mixed model: a critical investigation in the context of longitudinal data  


Geert Molenberghs A full maximum likelihood method for the analysis of multivariate ordered categorical data  


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